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Sharpens Anything with an Edge

The Original Speedy Sharp is compact and fits in your pocket, tool box, or hunting pack. Quickly sharpen and hone anything with an edge, from knives and clippers, to shears and axes, and more!

  • Scissors
  • Shears
  • Clippers
  • Box Cutter
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Pruners
  • Weed Wackers
  • Machetes
  • Ice Scrapers
  • Mower Blades
  • Pocket Knives
  • Chisels
  • Chain Saws
  • Farriers
  • Glass Etching
  • Hunting Knives
  • Fish Hooks
  • Fire Starter
  • Ice Skates
  • Axes

Cutting Edge Technology

Speedy Sharp is made with Micro 100 Super Carbide material for unbeatable durability and quality. That's how we earned our reputation as the World's Fastest Sharpener.

Use it Everywhere

From the kitchen to the outdoors, and everywhere in between, Speedy Sharp is always handy to have around. It's small, portable design makes it easy to bring with you wherever you go.

Choose Your Color

With eight different colors to choose from, your Speedy Sharp will be personalized to your taste. Speedy Sharps make great gifts for everyone!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you'll love your Speedy Sharp so much that our product comes backed with a full refund. Once you experience the quality of Speedy Sharp for yourself, you'll understand why.

Made in the USA

Every Speedy Sharp is manufactured right here in the USA by exceptional machinists. Speedy Sharp is a privately owned, Idaho-based company.

How Long Does it Last?

We like to say "it lasts until you lose it". Speedy Sharp is incredibly durable, easily sharpening hundreds and hundreds of tools with ease.

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With a Speedy Sharp, You'll Have the Sharpest Tools in the Shed.

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